Vera Wang Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Inez + Vinoodh

Vera Wang

Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Inez + Vinoodh

There is a series of contradictions in the house of Vera Wang as she is both a designer of commercial vision and simultaneously one of the most luxurious artisanal designers based in the US. A good reason for that contradiction is the American fashion system she built her business in which required a license and wholesale focused model to provide the economic engine rather than the independent retail vision of her European peers. But make no mistake, Vera Wang has more in common with her European couterparts than that of her US compatriouts.

Her latest campaign by photo duo Inez & Vinoodh follows the ultramodern direction the designer set four years ago when teaming with Pascal Dangin; a forward-thinking, high contrast edgy look that is a page stopper. Stylist Panos Yiapanis gives the collection the right mix while model Marjan Jonkman gives her best stare.

The campaign reinforces our perception of the designer, one of edge and full of promise even at this stage of her business lifecycle. This September the designer returns to the fray of New York Fashion Week after several seasons away, but truth be told the designer is ready for the international spotlight of Paris and an expanded distribution model for her collection. Like the campaign, all of the elements are there, you can see it in the eyes, the hunger, the stare. If she dares.

Vera Wang Creative Director | Vera Wang
Photographers | Inez + Vinoodh
Model | Marjan Jonkman
Stylist | Panos Yiapanis
Hair | Jimmy Paul
Makeup | Fulvia Farolfi
Manicurist | Gina Viviano

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