Vera Wang Spring 2020 Bridal Ad Campaign

Vera Wang

Spring 2020 Bridal Ad Campaign

Vera Wang continues her reign as American’s premium yet commercial avant-garde design champion.

For her latest bridal campaign entitled ‘Enchantment,’ she teamed with Director Bon Duke and photographer John Guerrero to capture the collection at the New York Botanical Garden during the Orchid Show: Singapore. The mood is one of a romantic Gothic garden that would make for the set and look of a Mary Shelley novel.

The result is a zig to bridals traditional zag, which is why Wang is equal part designer to storyteller. Something else she shares in common with Shelley.

Vera Wang Creative Director | Vera Wang
Director | Bon Duke
Photographer | John Guerrero
Models | Mary Tish Phillips, Meron, Karma
Hair | Ward Stegerhoek
Makeup | Marla Belt
Manicurist | Kelly B
Casting | Eva Harte at VLM Productions
Location | New York Botanical Garden