Versace Jeans Couture

'Freedom Now' Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Versace Jeans Couture Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographers Savana Ogburn, Vincent Catel and Naguel Rivero

Versace Jeans Couture explores freedom and unique perspectives in a new campaign for Fall 2021. To create the campaign imagery, Versace commissioned three young artists to work with the new collection to visually interpret what freedom means to them.

Atlanta based collage artist and photographer Savana Ogburn explores freedom through a subversion of suburban archetypes. With a series of kitsch and pop collages, Ogburn captures various facets of femininity through three different characters – a garden gnome, an alien, and a vampiress – among a pastel dreamworld.

Inspired by documentary and cinema, Paris-based director Vincent Catel explores themes of intimacy and nostalgia. Ironically playing on the sensationalized style of 80’s Hollywood and tapping into an idealized version of freedom, his narrative for the campaign follows two motorcycle riders who fall in love among a dreamlike cityscape.

Paris-based fashion and documentary photographer Naguel Rivero took a more candid and down-to-earth approach, using playful street-style imagery to explore how youth culture looks in a post-pandemic world.

It’s exciting to see Versace take a campaign for the Versace Jeans Couture line in a more conceptual and collaborative direction. While they normally rely on visual simplicity and straightforward branding for a consistent identity that quietly supports the main line aesthetic, this campaign lets the label be seen through several unique lenses – while of course still being very Versace.

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression