Versace Jeans Couture

'Rave New World' Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Versace Jeans Couture ‘Rave New World’ Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Directors Ken Tokunaga and Brendan Dunne of SOON Services, Art Director Margot Roussel, and Photographers Lee Wei Swee and Salvatore Delle Femmine

Versace Jeans Couture takes us on a psychedelic journey of dance and discovery in a new campaign for Fall 2021. “Rave New World” features creative direction by Ken Tokunaga and Brendan Dunne, art direction by Margot Roussel, and photography by Lee Wei Swee and Salvatore Delle Femmine.

The campaign’s title feels very appropriate, as the film opens on a shot of a couple lying in the middle of a crop-circled corn field. We meet more colorful characters, and our suspicion that they may be interplanetary travelers sent to Earth with one mission – to dance – is confirmed. A bass-boosted 90’s British club jam sets the appropriate musical backdrop as our protagonists bust loose.

Wonderful art direction illuminates the cinematography, psychedelically shifting the color palette and illuminating the dancers with swathes of bursting color.

The photography portion of the campaign smartly picks up on the same aesthetic, while emphasizing through styling and camera work the 90’s vibes that the kids these days love.

As the Versace Jeans Couture campaigns we’ve seen in the past have been much more visually straightforward, it’s exciting to see this one explore a more unique, colorful, and energetic aesthetic.

The youthfulness and accessibility that characterizes the line is still present, but it feels more meaningful when it corresponds to a narrative of freedom and is set among a striking and unique visual world. Here’s to hoping the Versace aliens abduct us next.

Creative Directors | Ken Tokunaga and Brendan Dunne for SOON Services
Art Director | Margot Roussel
Photographer | Lee Wei Swee and Salvatore Delle Femmine
Stylist | Allegra V. Beck and Francesco Casarotto
Makeup | Giuly Valent
Manicurist | Roberta Rodi
Casting Director |
Production | Squalo Produzioni
Executive Producer | Riccardo Barone
Animations | Ruffmercy
Set Designer | Francesca Malagni

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