Versace Plays Telephone in Fall 2018 Film by Ferdinando Verderi

Versace | Plays Telephone in Fall 2018 Film

Versace continues to leverage the largest cast of any fall 2018 ad campaign in its latest series of short film releases including one in which the cast of 54 plays a game of ‘telephone.’

At the heart of the campaign is the simplicity of the 80s, Richard Avedon inspired, clean backdrop with a bevy of supermodels, and a straight forward message – Versace. While many may mistakenly compare the aesthetic to that of the Benetton ads of the 80s, one only has to look at the archive of Versace to recognize how Richard Avedon set the stage of the clean backdrop of the 80s with his minimalistic Versace ads leveraging supermodels in contorted poses.

In the first film to use the entire cast, each model whispers to the next ending in Gigi Hadid who goes on to announce, in the only audible section of the film,  the correct pronunciation of Versace. The pun here being, that even in a game of telephone, which traditionally twist the original message into something incomprehensible, that ‘Versace’ can’t be altered.

Creative Director Ferdinando Verderi continues drive creative that is cost executable, leverages digital, and has a message that cuts through the clutter. There is beauty in the simplicity both in his concept and the execution as a director.

Surrounding the telephone game film is a series of other shorts that highlight the breadwinner category of handbags. Model Kaia Gerber paws a handbag long enough for The Impression to remember we are watching a teenage promote a luxury brand, which at times feels off base without the knowledge of her personal heritage and her mothers association with the house. Not that Kaia isn’t an outstanding model, simply that movement in film, gives away her age and that disconnects with the likely average age of the houses customer. It is one thing to downage aspirationaly to the 20’s, to the teens is another.

Overall we like the series and how well Verderi continues to top himself. The Impression is hopeful that the acquisition of Versace by Michael Kors newly formed Capri Holdings, brings Verderi into the fold to continue with the brand and perhaps lend some help to Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors.

In working with Verderi, one is best to get the direction directly from the creative author himself, otherwise Capri Holdings will find themselves in their own game of telephone, trying to piece together what he does so terrifically.



Versace Creative Director  | Donatella Versace
Creative Ad Campaign Director/Director |  Ferdinando Verderi
Photographer | Steven Meisel
Models | Gigi Hadid, Vittoria Ceretti, Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, Adut Akech, Stella Maxwell, Grace Elizabeth, Rachel Marx, Jasmine Wijnaldum, Nora Attal, Malick Bodian, Lexi Boling, Eduarda Bretas, Naomi Chin Wing, Finnlay Davis, David Trulik, Olivia Forte, Gisele Fox, Josh Upshaw, Rianne VanRompaey, Sara Grace Wallerstedt, Natalie Westling, Fei Fei Sun, Cara Taylor, Hiandra Martinez, Salomon Diaz, Dylan Fender, David Alexander Flinn, Emily Gafford, Hannah Motler, Xu Meen, Blesnya Minher, Fran Summers, Remington Williams, Julia Nobis, Lily Nova, Shanelle Nyasiase, Natalie Ogg, Heejung Park, Skylar Penn, Matt Pitt, Aaron Shandel, Adela Stenberg, Ali Latif, Kris Grikaite, Ansley Gulielmi, Paul Hameline, Iman Hammam, Aube Jolicoeur, Lea Julian, Sohyun Jung, Imari Karanja, Oscar Kindelan & Joao Knorr
Stylist |  Jacob K
Hair | Guido Palau
Makeup Artist | Pat McGrath
Casting Director | Piergiorgio Del Moro