Very Versace

Cheer Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Versace is ready, okay!

The iconic house has released the second installment of their #VeryVersace series, an interactive social media campaign which expands the world of the brand while inviting fans further into it. Part of the project is a clever eye-spy challenge in which fans are tasked with spotting the Versace “V” hiding in plain sight.

The new campaign recruits high-level cheerleading squad Paris Cheer, who swap their usual pompoms for Versace handbags. Photographer Sam Rock captures the team across film and photography as they tumble, flip, and fly, all while clad in matching rococo motif. The “V” takes momentary shape in various incarnations across these impressive acrobatic arrangements.

At first, there appears to be no connection between Versace and cheerleading, and so the intention behind the campaign seems somewhat confusing. But this lack of obvious connection is the point. Creativity can strike anywhere; an apparently random shape in the world can lead to deep moments of meaningful recognition. The idea of searching for a Versace “V” is an invitation into this creative process, and the campaign becomes a quirky celebration of creativity and the mysteries behind it.

Versace Creative Director | Donatella Versace
Creative Director | Kevin Tekinel
Photographer | Sam Rock
Cheerleaders | Paris Cheer
Stylist | Charlotte Collet
Hair | Benjamin Muller
Makeup | Marie Duhart
Manicurist | Beatrice Eni
Production | Farago Projects

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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