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MODCo’s Creative Director Sara Rotman Helps Via Spiga get in the Mood

By Marissa Tozzi | Impressionist

Sara Rotman, the Founder and Creative Director of MODCo, is helping contemporary accessory brand Via Spiga to get in the mood this season with a holistic campaign around four shopping moods: Big MeetingGet It DoneBig Night Out, and Weekend Off. 

The campaign features model Hilary Rhoda, who in her sophomore debut for the label has been promoted to the brand ambassador role of  “Model Citizen.” Lensman Sharif Hamza filmed Rhoda speaking to the four shopping moods and how they relate to her personal life. Rotman and team designed a dedicated landing page for Rhoda, which will feature both her social media as well as fans.

In addition, MODCo also developed an ongoing monthly series, “The Footprint,” profiling influencers across the country in various ‘shopping moods’ engaged with the label.

It was all about creating the ideal backdrop to highlight the shoes and the model. We chose lavender grayish tones and filtered all the outside noise out to produce an end result that is stunning imagery of beautiful product. The idea behind Hilary’s landing page and “The Footprint” page were to eliminate a sense of that seriousness and offer a playful opportunity for fans to learn and engage with the brand in a more natural way.

Sara Rotman

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Agency | MODCo
Creative Director | Sara Rotman
Photographer | Sharif Hamza
Model | Hilary Rhoda