Victor Li Launches Sustainable VTR Collection With First Drop Release

Victor Li

Launches Sustainable VTR Collection With First Drop Release

Menswear Designer Victor Li has taken a step toward sustainability with his latest collection debute, VTR Brooklyn.

Rooted in sustainability, Victor Li created VTR in hopes of creating timeless designs that last with collections that would sustain the needs of various occasions and through the test of time. With a keen decision to be more conscious of his social responsibility and role as a designer, Victor wanted to create a platform where we can have conversations about sustainability in the fashion industry with a direct lead into China.

The new line of essentials is designed to enhance the experience of travel without compromising style. Created specifically to lighten the journey of a peripatetic, all VTR garments are designed to be equally multifunctional yet modern. VTR carefully selects travel-friendly fabrics, from wrinkle-resistant to heat-regulating, with meticulous attention to garment fit and quality. 

China is the biggest and strongest manufacturing base for virtually all global goods which is undoubtedly no achieving sustainability without China at the forefront. Many times, the majority of the fabrics stem from China, and often times it is taboo to have products associated with “made in China” and Victor wants to change that. Instead of dismissing their advanced techniques and efficient production, Victor wants to include them as part of the conversation. For this collection, Victor sourced a factory in China that specializes in working with recycled fabrics, and wants to inspire more designers as well as consumers to see “made in China” in a different light and the possibilities it could bring to more sustainable production. 

During his search, Victor was particularly interested in recycled polyester material that is durable, lightweight, anti-static and anti-wrinkle, and would be remarkably travel-friendly. From this, the idea of his next new venture VTR Brooklyn is born. 

Currently he is experimenting with more sustainable fabrics, such as linen, recycled yarn, recycled polyester, and exploring more possibilities.  

By creating something that is equally functional as it is sustainable, and lowering price point, Victor Li is hoping to reach a broader audience. 

Victor Li Launches Sustainable VTR Collection With First Drop Release