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Victoria Beckham | Launches First Ad Campaign


The power of ten is in full force with designer Victoria Beckham this season marking some first. Ten years ago, the globally recognized pop star traded in her microphone for a design pad to debate her eponymous collection in September of 2008. This Saturday the 15th Beckham will be culminating her houses 10-year history with a London debut showing of her Spring 2019 line at opac Gallery on Dover Street. To celebrate her 10 year journey, Beckham has released her first ever ad campaign staring herself in a tip of her hat to her breakout Marc Jacobs moment.

In April of 2008, just months before launching her own label, Beckham saw herself trapped inside an oversized Marc Jacobs shopping bag lensed by Jurgen Teller. The campaign broke boundaries for simplicity, the power of celebrity, and humor. For her first campaign outing the designer once again teamed with Teller to recycle the campaign.

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When Marc Jacobs, featured me coming out of a shopping bag a decade ago it really was the beginning of my journey into the fashion industry. It was funny and ironic and brilliantly captured by Juergen Teller. And it came out just as I was about to present my debut collection. So what better way of illustrating the story of the past ten years than by revisiting the creative but this time with my own branded bag. Marc gave me his blessing to recreate the shot and Juergen agreed to collaborate with me again which was just incredible and him appearing in one of the images was really important to me. The collaboration with him was incredibly special and I wanted to document it.


“I have always put all of me in to my brand and I wanted to convey that message with these images,” says Beckham. “That I am and have been literally “putting Victoria into Victoria Beckham since 2008”. If there was a strapline that would be it! It’s tongue-in-cheek but there’s a real message in it for me.”

The campaign will be on display this week on London’s famous Piccadilly Lights and ties into a limited released anniversary T-shirt featuring an image from the campaign to be available at Beckham’s site and her  Dover Street and Hong Kong flagship stores. This Sunday, following her collection showing, Beckham will be behind the cashwrap at her Dover Street flagship store, serving customers and taking in the benefits of 10 years.

The Impression is a fan of change, the power of ten, and the power of memory. Also, let’s talk how smart it is for Marc Jacobs to let go and have fun with this to. Smarter still would be for Marc to be seen sporting the shirt while entering the runway later this week. That is a power of 10 that would come back 10 fold in press.

Which brings us to how this campaign was distributed and the cost. So add it up, starting with the art assets: art director creative agency fee – zip, only logo is on the bag so no real need for a graphic designer for layout. Stylist fee, our guess is Beckham had that covered. Set design, not even. Talent fee, perhaps she paid herself. Teller and crew, some money, but overall this was a very low cost campaign to produce. Ok, no harm, no foul and rather brilliant.

Now onto how it was pushed out. Media buy …. one digital billboard in London with zero printing and installation cost. It lives on the Victoria Beckham website, their own social channels, and that is it. No need for a media buyer even.

The campaign needed one element, her. Victoria Beckham’s first ad campaign had little to nothing in terms of production or media cost. To a CEO, CFO and PR team it is a dream campaign. To the media that covers and support Beckham, it is a sign that labels will piggyback on the labor and network of others for profit without cycling those monies back into the industry. To be clear, we think it is smart, they are doing a great job, and we don’t blame them. However, one must be aware that this will lead to a day when all that media professionals will be able to afford to buy from the very same fashion houses they put in the hours to support and pay for the airspace to cover, is an empty shopping bag.

Welcome the age of earned media. Smart, yes. Helpful to the over arching eco-system, not much. If the byproduct of this article is just one more media expenditure on this or future campaigns, that would be wonderful. Because, again, we actually love this campaign, but we have a sneaky suspicion that fashion creatives and media don’t look as good in empty paper bags as Ms. Beckham.

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