Vivienne Westwood Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Vivienne Westwood

Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Godmother of punk Vivienne Westwood has been busy during lockdown…

The iconic designer, revered for her influence on punk and new wave aesthetics, has been channeling the DIY spirit and sharing her lockdown looks on Instagram over the past few months. Photographed at home by her creative partner and husband Andreas Kronthaler, Westwood has treated the internet to some impressive ensembles, while also using her platform to speak out on crucial issues like racial justice and the climate crisis.

Now, Westwood has brought this inspirationally creative attitude to her Fall 2020 campaign. Kronthaler captures her in looks from the collection at their design studio in Battersea, London. Like her designs, Westwood’s air is bold, playful, confident, experimental, humble. She brings a youthful artist’s energy, reaffirming that age really is but a number.

Kronthaler photographs her in stockrooms, before shelves overflowing with rolls of fabric, in offices overlooking the city. Each location reveals part of the story of the process behind the final piece, lending a deconstructionist yet holistic feel to the imagery.

The campaign is a labor of love, and a love letter to creative labor. Honest and organic, it is the product of two artists coming together to realize a single vision. But this product is not singular or static; it is an unfolding process in itself, a glimpse into the endless work that is art. We are grateful to see just how beautiful and inspiring this work can be.

Vivienne Westwood Creative Director | Vivienne Westwood
Photographer | Andreas Kronthaler
Model | Vivienne Westwood
Location | Battersea, London