Weatherproof - Martin​ ​Diegor, Ernesto Roman, Theo​ ​Banzon


Art Director Martin Diegor, Photographer Ernesto Roman, & Stylist Theo Banzon, express a connection with the elements and nature, in an Online Exclusive shoot for The Impression – Weatherproof


Art Director | Martin Diegor
Photographer | Ernesto Roman

Stylist | Theo Banzon
Model | Aiden K – Wilhelmina Mens


Weatherproof - Martin​ ​Diegor, Ernesto Roman, Theo​ ​Banzon



Art Director | Martin​ ​Diegor
Photographer | Ernesto Roman

Stylist | Theo​ ​Banzon
Model | Aiden K – Wilhelmina Mens

Grooming | Kristian​ ​Kanika​
Clothing | Uniqlo & South pole
Face Accessories | h0les



The Impression believes in supporting talent, be it new or established, and is open to editorial proposals for our online magazine at submissions.

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