Debuts Third Installation of Spirit Series

Nigerian designer Wekafore Maniu Jibril has coined his work as ‘Primitive-futurism.’ His work explores contemporary spiritualism through the synthesizing of African primitivity and a globalized modern-future. The third installation of Wekafore’s spirit series, Spirit 003, is one of his most intensive installations yet. Shot by photographer Viridiana Morandini, the campaign presents as a family portrait of the past and the future. 

The Wekafore brand is at the forefront of igniting the new African consciousness. I’m looking to collaborate with bigger brands to propel wider-scale initiatives that create real empowerment

– Wekafore Maniu Jibril

Wekafore’s work is entangled in his identities as a child of Nigeria and his experiences in his own black body. Race is intentional in the campaign, and the fashion signifies differently depending on the wearer. The relationships of the models to one another, to the camera, the props, and to their own bodies is intentional. 

I think we need to re-think what ‘big’ means, what ‘growth’ means, where are we growing to and who are we ‘big’ to or for. Just as the Western idea of fashion doesn’t hold the same importance to me, neither does the Western idea of success

– Wekafore Maniu Jibril

Wekafore’s Spirit 003 is indeed a family portrait, one that feels guided and intentional. In many ways, the campaign itself is representative of the way that Wekafore produces, and the family that he would live to build. Wekafore has recognized the power of messaging, and has harnessed it such that his fabrics can be understood, even without words.

Creative Director | Wekafore
Agency | Arto Management
Photographer | Viridiana Morandini
Stylist | Rebeca Sueiro
Set Design | Débora Rodam
Makeup | Regina Khanipova