What it Took to Build Dior's Set for Spring 2019 Fashion Show

Dior | What it Took to Build Their Latest Show

Christian Dior kicked off the Spring 2019 Paris fashion week with one of Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s most spellbinding shows to date.

Held at the famed Paris racecourse, Hippodrome de Longchamp, Dior created a darkened dance hall where  light projectors lit up winding pathways while models walked among dancers under an endless light rain of flower petals. The dreamlike mood was powerful, feminine, sublime and stunning, garnishing a 9.5 score by our Chief Impressionist, Kenneth Richard.

The house has teamed with show producer Alexandre de Betak and his agency Bureau Betak for a number of years now and each season the team outdoes themselves building theme appropriate staging that resonates. In many ways Dior is driving the future of fashion storytelling creating Instagramable moments that are as much experiential as they are about showcasing Maria Grazia’s vision. What we at The Impression love is how well in synch the statement of the showcase is with the collection itself.


This season we asked the team at Dior to put together some stats. Not the stats from Instagram and social shares which make the return of the investment worthwhile, but just how much energy, space, and time was committed to make it happen.

The structure, interior, and set took 60 people two weeks to build at the Hippodrome de Longchamp. Guest pulled up to a painted canvas façade compete with quotes about dance that covered 11,840 square feet (1100m2). The façade was created using 7 semitrailers of scaffolding.

The construction site was 64,583 sq ft. To put that in perspective, that is the same size of an 11 story office building that sold in Berlin last year for $41million. It took 2 cranes, each weighing 50 tonnes, to erect the structure.

The set itself was 12,916 sq ft (200m2), with 10,763 sq ft (1000m2) of black wooden decking. Models walked under 135 automatic light projectors on runway that was 538 feet, a 10th of a mile. All the while, 440 lbs (200kg) of flower petals where rained upon the production choreographed by Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal.

All of this scale is recognized in the seismic return in an era when every attendee is a media outlet reaching millions and can spread the good word globally like a shockwave. Thankfully for us, Dior’s wave was like a sea of petals that left us longing to dive in deeper.

Dior Spring 2019 Show By The Numbers

2 weeks to build
60 people per day
64,583 sq ft (6000m2) construction site
2 cranes, each weighing 50 tonnes, to erect the structure
7 semitrailers of scaffolding for the façade
(1100m2) painted canvas for the façade
12,916 sq ft (200m2) set
10,763 sq ft (1000m2) black wooden decking
538 ft (164m) runway
440 lbs (200kg) of flower petals
135 automatic light projectors


Christian Dior Creative Director | Maria Grazia Chiuri
Agency | Bureau Betak
Creative Director | Alexandre de Betak