Whistles Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Senta Simond


Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Becky Smith

There was a moment in the late 1990s where the combination of fashion and furniture fell into place. The idea of lensing the two categories in one story spoke to the similarities in the realms from materials to minimalism aesthetics. The idea fell from favor but has charm as home is after all where the heart is and none of us spend our days sitting on our hands.

For Whistles fall 2019 campaign creative director Becky Smith looked to modernize the concept with a clean campaign with a few furniture props. The idea adds just enough pop to the white seamless backdrop to give the campaign a thread of narrative without pulling away from what the team at Whistles likely appreciates the most, their product.

Merchant driven campaigns are the hardest to make memorable as to merchants the story is in the offering. Marketers know that products are really souvenirs of the brand experience, but some days you just need to show the clothes. Smith is a talented storyteller who knows how to do a lot with a little. Hopefully, she’ll get the chance with Whistles to add more narrative in future campaigns that give the house a much-needed platform to stand on. Otherwise, it will be furniture.

Agency | Twin Studio
Creative Director | Becky Smith
Director | Belle Smith
Model | Valerija Kelava
Stylist | Naomi Miller
Hair | Maarit Niemela
Makeup | Athena Paginton
Production | Lock Studio

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