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WILDFOX takes a fresh approach on back to school and along the way schools us.


More often than not lookbooks are a rather flat affair, fashion version of mug shots. However the crew at Wildfox continues to leverage every touch point as an opportunity to build narrative and for Fall 2016 have schooled all of us with Wildfox ‘Academy.’

Photographers Mark Hunter and Steven Meiers captured models Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Christina Rapp, Marie-Louise Wedel, and Taylor Greene for a 76 page yearbook. The foursome display a wide range of school pride and looks while never following into the dulness of a poor lecture. Much of that lies in the strong concepting around the piece filled with antidotes such as the 10 rules of the schools ‘”Anti-Social Club,” which requires members to remain coiffed with its freshman always carrying a phone charger with them “in case their senior sister has a low battery.” Our favorite was rule 10 requiring fluency in French for their annual Riviera trip.

It’s hard not to appreciate the finer details the piece takes such as pairing White Pearl erasers with Wildfox heraldic crest branded french fry containers. In many ways education itself is also about details, that when combined help created a more well rounded person. And The Impression appreciates a strong education.

Photographer | Mark Hunter & Steven Meiers
Models | Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Christina Rapp, Marie-Louise Wedel, Taylor Greene
Hair | Sylvia Wheeler
Makeup | Tonya Brewer

Producer | William Carducci of Urban NYC
Executive Producer | Jimmy Sommers