Willy Vanderperre And Olivier Rizzo Speak To The 10th Anniversary Of DUST Magazine


DUST Magazine And Prolific Duo Willy Vanderperre And Olivier Rizzo Present 10th Anniversary Edition

In Celebration of Dust Magazine’s 10th anniversary, Willy Vanderperre and Olivier Rizzo celebrate in style, with a new issue of the magazine titled ‘Sun Rising’. The legendary photographer-stylist duo collaborate for a unique 400-page long story all shot by Vanderperre and Rizzo. This issue uniquely revolves around a single visual narrative that carries for the whole issue.

This project represents the culmination of the seven-years-and-14-stories-long collaboration between Dust and the prolific duo, who have defined each step in The magazine’s  journey since 2014. This story stands halfway between the perfect synthesis of their work at Dust and its greatest leap forward.

Vanderperre & Rizzo kindly took the time to answer a few question for us–

The Impression: What drew you to the magazine?

Vanderperre and Rizzo: Dust has never been shy of experiment and provocative imagery.
It was and still is unique in its approach. Next to that Dust can pride themselves in being perfectly printed.
The simplicity in layout strengthen each editorial in the magazine, giving the importance it deserves and place to ‘breathe’.

The Impression: What excited you about it now?

Vanderperre and Rizzo:To create a singular, uninterrupted story over 400 pages. A day at the beach. A day in the present times we live in. Togetherness. Youth.

The Impression: How has your approach evolved over this time?

Vanderperre and Rizzo:Still finding inspiration in the now and the times we live in, an uncompromised take on youth and it’s subcultures.