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Y-3 Reveals James Harden Inspired Capsule Collection

Y-3 has revealed capsule collection inspired by Houston Rockets star, James Harden. This collection will be launched in Los Angeles at 747 Warehouse St, the two-day festival of creativity and basketball culture held by adidas.

The Baton flower is the centerpiece of the collection and will be featured on all clothing, accessories and footwear. The flower is used to symbolize bravery, honor, nobility, respect and good fortune. It also shows the centuries-old Japanese art tradition of arranging flowers called ikebana. The qualities of the flower are used to symbolize Harden as the face of the collection.

The six-piece capsule of apparel, accessories and footwear are all executed entirely in stark black with the sole pop of color being the Baton flower.

The collection will be pre-launched at 747 Warehouse St, and will expand to global release in April.