Watch The Tory Burch Foundation's #EmbraceAmbition Summit Live

Watch The Tory Burch Foundation’s #EmbraceAmbition Summit Live Here

Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat and that task has wrongly been made more difficult for female entrepreneurs. Last year Tory Burch took the brave stance to do something about it launching the #EmbraceAmbition campaign via The Tory Burch Foundation to raise awareness and confront erroneous stereotyping.

This week the foundation taking the conversation up a notch and hosting their the first ever Embrace Ambition Summit: Confronting Stereotypes and Creating New Norms on Tuesday, April 24 at Lincoln Center. The day long summit is designed to confront gender, race, and sexuality stereotypes. Speakers include activist/actress Yara Shahidi, journalist Katie Couric, author Margaret Atwood, news correspondent Deborah Roberts, musician St. Vincent, congressman Joe Kennedy III, and others.

In an effort to support this relevant conversation you can watch it here live on The Impression.

Ms. Burch recently expanded upon her #EmbraceAmbition campaign in the Spring issue of The Impression biannual sharing, “My parents raised my three brothers and me to believe that we could accomplish anything. There wasn’t a different standard for me as their daughter. After I graduated from college and began working, I realized that women in business face unique challenges.That is why I launched our Foundation, which empowers women entrepreneurs. If women are to succeed, we must challenge the cultural stereotypes that hold us back, including the harmful double standard that exists around ambition, which is often celebrated in a man but seen as distasteful in a woman.

I realized this after my first interview with The New York Times in 2004. When the reporter asked me if I was ambitious, I said the word annoyed me. Later, my friend Jane Rosenthal, the co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival called me. She said, “You should never shy away from the word ambition.” She was right. To create positive change, we—women and men—have to change our thinking.

Equal opportunity and equal pay are not a favor. They should be a given. Embracing ambition is a critical first step.”artwork | MVM at Hugo & Marie