Zadig & Voltaire | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Zadig & Voltaire | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

When Thierry Gillier founded Zadig & Voltaire in 1995 he quickly lead the Parisian contemporary house into advertising with a distinctive point-of-view that resinated with the fashion flock. Clean, graphic with a hint of rocker rebellion, the label catapulted into one of fashion’s largest private brands and in no small part due to its advertising.

Of the late the house wandered off their path and lost art sense of rebellion. Gone were the black and white images, topless motorcycle riders, and dramatic poses. All easy elements to lose in this overly PC world. However this season Zadig & Voltaire Creative Director Cecilia Bönström and photographer Frédéric Meylan have managed to steer the house back on path with the help of the tattered, rocker-chic of a model, Eva Herzigova.

With devil-may-care eyes and stretched poses,  Herzigova gives the collection the right edge. That combined with highly stylized red graphics and the house has a decent campaign on its hands that is deserving of meaningful media support to assure it grabs eyeballs. As we love a campaign that makes a good impression, and even more so one that has some media impressions to support it.

Zadig & Voltaire Creative Director | Cecilia Bönström
Photographer | Frédéric Meylan
Model | Eva Herzigova




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