Zadig & Voltaire

Fall 2019 Ad Campaign with Kate Moss by Fred Meylan

Power to the girls. Focusing on the cohesive elements of femininity, Zadig & Voltair’s creative director Cecilia Bonstrom and photographer Fred Meylan capture strength and beauty in icon Kate Moss for their fall 2019 ad campaign.

Natural and fearless, Kate Moss stands strong and stunning for Meylan as he captures the dichotomy of strength and beauty working together in femininity. Kate swaggers in a chic, leather jacket, showing that fierce attitudes and grace can go hand-in-hand. Noted by the brand, Kate also contributed greatly in the outcome of this campaign and in helping Zadig and Voltaire show the world that chic woman are also strong women.

Zadig & Voltaire Creative Director | Cecilia Bonstrom
Photographer | Fred Meylan
Model | Kate Moss
Stylist | Geraldine Saglio

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