Zimmermann Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


'Ladybeetle' Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

The new campaign from Zimmermann has us rethinking earth tones.

Photographed by Benny Horne, the campaign is a gorgeous portrait of the last days of summer. He captures model Julia Stegner in the collection’s gowns and blouses, characterized by flowing silk and chiffon at once both dainty and natural in warm, earthy shades. While we’ve seen the setting of a quaint seaside village and its environs in a million other summer womenswear campaigns, this one feels special due to Horne’s brilliant use of color. His use of natural light lends a golden radiance to everything. It is amazing how he can find so much depth in the mostly neutral colors of the collection, and make them harmonize with the beauty of the natural world. The beauty and thoughtful construction of the designs really shine through, and the few moments when we see a burst of plum or gold feel like a revelation.

The accompanying short film captures this same feeling of golden summertime nostalgia. A piano soundtrack adds musicality to the feelings of color and warmth communicated by lens flare and vintage film grain.

Simply beautiful in itself, the campaign also does incredible work to reveal the artistry of Zimmermann’s work. Like the last long days of summer, the action of what we see going on is not particularly memorable – but the beautiful details, and the feeling of warmth, linger.

Photographer | Benny Horne
Film | Andy Swartz
Agency | Smile
Model | Julia Stegner
Stylist | Romy Frydman
Makeup | Shaun Thomas Gibson
Producer | Nick Ponton
Production Company | Shades Of Grey

Fashion Writer | The Impression