Zimmermann Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Zimmermann Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Emil Vrisakis of Smile Agency & Photographer Benny Horne with Liya Kebede 

Zimmermann presents many thoughtful questions with the recent Spring 2021 campaign. Creative Director Emil Vrisakis & Photographer Benny Horne touch on a common thread running through many current campaigns, namely, man’s exploration and connection to nature.

Vrisakis captures model Liya Kebede with a neutral lens that keeps the campaign light and earth-toned; additional light leaks over the film help ground the campaign’s natural aesthetic. However, the campaign seems more profound than simple aesthetics. It prompts the question; what do we abstract from nature, and what does it mean to have a genuine connection with the world around us? And what does it look like to have a meaningful relationship with nature?

The video overlaps crashing waves with gentle piano playing as Kebede invites the viewer into her experience. She embraces the coastal scenes with all her senses. We watch her pensively look out over the seaside scape as gales whisp at her clothing; Kebede seems utterly unbothered by the torching sun beaming down upon her as she reaches to connect with stones and shrubs. She appears at home in this environment and content both physically and spiritually. Zimmerman translates the same sentiments into the collection. Kebede effectively camouflages herself into the landscape in some images, as puffed sleeves mimic mountaintops and rocks, and belts blend with horizons. Through subtle butterflies to dangling wisteria, Zimmerman reflects how delicate and peaceful our world is.

Demonstrating that Vrisakis and Horne posit that a ray of light and beauty outvalues unauthentic experiences, reminding the audience not to take simplicity for granted. Further, the campaign states that peace is a rare commodity, especially these days, and not to be overlooked.

Zimmermann Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Agency | Smile Agency
Creative Director | Emil Vrisakis 
Art Direction | Brynn Heminway 
Photographer | Benny Horne 
Video | Andy Swartz 
Model | Liya Kebede 
Stylist | Romy Frydman 
Hair | Clara Leonard 
Makeup | Jodie Boland 
Production | Shades Of Grey 
Location | Saint Barthélemy, Caribbean