13 09 SR Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

13 09 SR

Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of 13 09 SR Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Serge Ruffieux with Photographer Annemarie Kuus with models Achol Kuir and Lavinia De Aquino

13 09 SR continues its idiosyncratic exploration of expressive style with its new Spring 2024 campaign, lensed by photographer Annemarie Kuus.

The imagery continues the offbeat accessories brand’s practice of keeping a sharp focus on the star pieces while seeing them through an abstract industrial lens to emphasize their unique character. Pointed boots balance princess and punk, while strappy studded mules bring an effortlessness to urban toughness.

Emphasizing this spirit of expressive duality, Kuus works beautifully with stylist Dimitri Rivière and set designer Samuel Fasse to situate the unique characters who embody the brand’s style in minimal, angular spaces and in cleverly cool outfits, all of which come together to create an angular and evocative textural interplay.

One of the coolest and most unique accessories brands in the game, 13 09 SR takes a confidently methodical approach to evolving its core design elements, which always results in unique new styles that nonetheless fit completely within its own identity. Creative director Serge Ruffieux wisely extends this approach to his campaigns as well, drawing on industrial minimalism and spontaneous style to create a striking, youthful, and totally cool visual vernacular that make his distinct designs feel right at home.

13 09 SR Creative Director | Serge Ruffieux
Art Directors | Damien Ré & Ariane Abbassi
Photographer | Annemarie Kuus
Models | Achol Kuir and Lavinia De Aquino
Stylist | Dimitri Rivière
Hair | Alexander Soltermann
Makeup | David Koppelaar
Casting Director | Piergiorgio Del Moro – DM Casting Alfredo Bisciotti
Set Designer | Samuel Fasse