Suiting Reimagined

Resort 2025 Fashion Trend

suiting reimagined resort 2025 trend header image with fashion photos from coperni, louis vuitton, del core and more
Tailoring is timeless, but the design visions of the Resort 2025 season were abound with fresh takes and reconstructive perspectives on classic suiting. Business wear-inspired looks maybe seem unexpected during a season characterized by more breezy expectations of luxury-beach-bluc-ready looks, but these collections have us ready to rework our itineraries...
top 5 bags
It’s a not-so-well-kept secret that Tokyo Fashion Week has some of the best (and depending on whom you ask, the best) street style action in the game. Of course, no look is complete without a bag, and the city’s reputation for eclectic style that blends an eye for silhouette, national...

Super Graphic

Men's Spring 2024 Fashion Trend

Quiet luxury who? The super-graphic trend that took hold of the menswear runways in Milan and Paris is all about pushing the boundaries of visibility and communication within a single look. This movement is characterized by oversized visuals that can range across an entire look, with designers often taking advantage...


Men's Fall 2023 Fashion Trend


Fall 2023 Men's Fashion Trend

The Top Street Style Trends

Spring 2023 Street Fashion Trend

The Top Street Style Trends from the Fall 2023 Menswear Season By Angela Baidoo Out on the streets, in contrast to a visible (if not staggered) return to a sense of formality on the runways, showgoers, editors, and general fashion obsessives continued to carry the flag for peacocking for the...

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