Akris Opens a New Boutique in Atlanta

Akris Opens a New Boutique in Atlanta

Akris is pleased to announce it has moved its Atlanta boutique to a new location, Phipps Plaza, the space occupies 1,770 square feet and will offer the newest collectionsfrom Akris, Akris punto and Akris accessories. This is the third location in the United States to unveil the new boutique concept in partnership with David Chipperfield Architects Milan. In keeping with Akris’ codes of the house, materials and quality are the forefront of the design within the space. David Chipperfield Architects Milan carefully curated the materials and details in collaboration with Creative Director Albert Kriemler, keeping his refined approach to fabrics top of mind.

The space is defined by preformed paneling in white-painted maple wood cladding the walls and ceiling. This allows the collection to be sleekly showcased through a series of long, thin, almost invisible cables which hold light aluminum railing and shelving, thus creating an illusion that the pieces are floating above ground.

The boutique is divided by see-through stainless steel mesh partitions that are suspended from the ceiling, which adds depth to the space while not obstructing the view.

The fitting rooms are lined with ivory colored horsehair fabric – an Akris signature material, juxtaposed with grey-beige colored cashmere wool. The ivory and soft colored wool carpet in these private spaces is used for flooring to convey a welcoming feeling.

Fashion, just like architecture, is about more than what meets the eye. For me, fashion is not just visual; it is about feeling, it is tactile. In the end, we wear clothes on our skin. It is something you need to feel, not just look at. In interiors, as in fashion, it is always about material and fabrics first.

– Albert Kriemler

Akris Atlanta is located in Phipps Plaza at 3500 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta, Georgia