Alejandra Loaiza’s Best Fall 2022 Street Style

Alejandra Loaiza’s Best Fall 2022 Street Style

While there’s certainly a lot going on inside of a fashion show venue, sometimes the most interesting and exciting part of a show is the menagerie of personalities who gather around it. Street style can be an excellent gauge of what’s on and what’s next in the fashion scene, and documenting the dynamic energy on the streets of fashion week is practically its own art form.

With an eclectic career in photography and a background of study in fashion design and communication, Alejandra Loaiza has a sensitive eye for capturing the stories and emotion behind the characters on the street. The Colombian-born, France-based photographer favors personality over followers: while you’ll certainly see some familiar models and celebrities in her photos, we can see she’s most drawn to idiosyncratic and expressive style, and the narrative that arises from them.

In addition to her professional work in fashion photography, Loaiza is concurrently pursuing some exciting personal projects portraying the richness and magic of Latin American culture in which she grew up. Her documentarian sensibility peeks through in her street-style photography as well, giving us a strong feel for the life and energy on the avenues of Paris.

The Impression asked Loaiza to select her favorite shots from the Fall 2022 fashion season, and her picks did not disappoint.

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