Alexander McQueen

Eyewear Fall 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Alexander McQueen Eyewear Fall 2022 Ad Campaign by Photographers Paolo Roversi and Julie Greve with models Eny Jaki, Achenrin Madit, and Lucia Fairfull

Alexander McQueen looks sharp in a new eyewear campaign for Fall 2022. The campaign features photography by Paolo Roversi and Julie Greve.

Roversi shot the main campaign for McQueen’s Fall 2022 collection, as well as a number of previous campaigns for the brand. His part of the campaign feels like a natural continuation of that campaign, utilizing his signature “painting with light” style to create a dramatic play of shadows and seeing it all with his painterly eye for color.

Meanwhile, the other half of the campaign feels a bit less exciting, mostly fulfilling the duties of lookbook imagery. Fortunately, creative director Sarah Burton’s mushroom-inspired designs are strong enough to provide the portraits with some needed visual stimulation, but the campaign still ends up feeling a bit unbalanced and disparate as a whole.

While it’s true that eyewear campaigns aren’t the biggest concern compared to a major seasonal campaign, it’s strange that the brand started to build on the precedent of Roversi’s high-level photography, but didn’t follow it through. What could have been an opportunity to embark on a focused expansion of the brand’s visual world ended up being a competent but, in its lack of consistency and punch, somewhat forgettable digital campaign.

Alexander McQueen Creative Director | Sarah Burton
Photographer | Paolo Roversi and Julie Greve
Videographer |
Models | Eny Jaki, Achenrin Madit, Lucia Fairfull
Stylist |
Hair |
Makeup |
Manicurist |
Casting Director |
Set Designer |
Location |

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