Alexander McQueen Fall 2019 Ad Campaign with Kate Moss

Alexander McQueen

Fall 2019 Ad Campaign with Kate Moss by Jamie Hawkesworth & M/M Paris

The balance between industrialized cities and rooted nature is a scarce luxury to find. In Alexander McQueen’s fall 2019 campaign featuring Kate Moss, M/M (Paris) creates a parallel to both etherial and modernity for all.

M/M (Paris) is extremely influential in the fashion industry for their unique visual linguistics. The company has an art direction talent for creating a visual language which transcends one into a multitude of emotions and worlds. With the legendary Kate Moss, M/M (Paris) builds a connecting link between production and purity—all with the help of the stunning designs of McQueen’s creative director Sarah Burton. 

This juxtaposition of a work studio (looking similar to M/M(Paris)’s own) to the earthly surroundings of British country-side foliage brought together the connection of lust for a relationship of both technology and embracing nature. Photographer Jamie Hawkesworth outstandingly captures the organic feels of the outdoor set connoting emotions of warmth and peace. He cunningly places beside these biological canvases the same outfits in a factory setting that embodies a push for taking creative and progressive steps—in your Alexander McQueen shoes, that is.

M/M (Paris)’s mechanical and puristic campaign shot by Jamie Hawkesworth is a beautiful ode showing, in Alexander McQueen, one can find the surprising harmony between all of the environments they exist in. 

Alexander McQueen Creative Director | Sarah Burton
Agency | M/M Paris
Creative Directors | Mathias Augustyniak & Michael Amzalag
Photographer | Jamie Hawkesworth
Director | Masha Vasyukova
Model | Kate Moss
Music | Treatment (Instrumental) by Jiz. Spoken Word by Isabelle Scortanu