Alexander Wang Holiday 2022 Ad Campaign

Alexander Wang

Holiday 2022 Ad Campaign

Alexander Wang reimagines tradition with its new Holiday 2022 campaign by photographer Fumi Homma.

The campaign takes a similar editorial-style approach as the brand’s bodywear campaign from a couple months ago. This time, however, the witty use of props and single set pieces is infused with a holiday flare. Coupled with the entirely Asian-American cast and creative team and the reimagining of holiday staples – the gingerbread pagoda, for example – the campaign feels like a fun celebration of multifaceted identities, rewriting traditions, and finding new ways to celebrate the timeless joy of coming together.

Alexander Wang Creative Director | Alexander Wang 
Photographer | Fumi Homma
Talent | Yuehua Zhu, Karlin Chan, Yan Li, Irene Seok Peng Ng, Xian Gunther, Rei Jidai, Esther Ng, Takashi Yamada 
Casting Director & Stylist | Jason Rider
Hair | Shingo Shibata
Makeup | AI
Manicurist | Mei Kawajiri
Set Designer | Lauren Nikrooz

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