Amazon Luxury 'Out Of The Box' Ad Campaign

Amazon Luxury

'Out Of The Box' Ad Campaign

Review of Amazon Luxury ‘Out Of The Box’ Ad Campaign by Photographer Angelo Pennetta with models Dara Allen, Kristen McMenamy, Leon Dame and Precious Lee

by Aidel Townsley

Amazon Luxury, a curated collection of luxury brands available with Prime delivery, premieres their ‘Out of the Box’ campaign, with creative direction by BLANK. Photographer Angelo Pennetta captures models, Dara Allen, Kristen McMenamy, Leon Dame, and Precious Lee, in this double entendre campaign all about shopping luxury without leaving your home. 

This summer edit embodies fresh, colorful, and upscale pieces, perfect for lounging outside in the California sun. The predominantly 50’s dress cuts and 60’s hairstyles, by stylist Lucas Wilson, bring us to a new kind of house-wife (or husband). This youthful take on staying at home is more about an affluent ease and spending time with oneself in the privacy of your own home. 

Whether browsing for sunglasses in order to manicure a blossoming orange tree, or dancing on a magnificent dining table in a full ball gown, party of one, the purpose is to do things the way you would when no one else is watching, and to do it fashionably. 

The amazon box has reached iconic status, easily recognizable, and most of us have excitedly tracked our packages arrival and opened one of the brown boxes with excited haste. The thing that differentiates us is what we open the box to find. ‘Out of the Box’ is about those small ways to live life differently, and a reminder that luxury fashion pieces are often more unique than what is found sold on the high-street. 

Photographer | Angelo Pennetta
Models | Dara Allen, Kristen McMenamy, Leon Dame and Precious Lee
Stylist | Charlotte Collet
Hair | Lucas Wilson
Makeup | Sam Visser
Manicurist | Naomi Yasuda
Set Designer | Julia Wagner