Ami Alexandre Mattiussi

Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Ami Alexandre Mattiussi Spring 2022 Ad Campaign by Photographer Sam Rock

Yearning for a change of pace and scenery, a group of friends escapes the city and travels to the great outdoors. Ecstatic to be together, to be free, while looking enthusiastically at better times ahead, the protagonists project into a dreamlike dimension. The mood is carefree and playful, exuding a subtle sense of mystery and melancholy. A desire for novelty, for unseen panoramas — an imperative of deliverance. A road trip without a specific destination, the search for a new frontier into the infinity of the desert and the horizon. The atmosphere of excitement and adventure is rife with opportunities. The concept of the campaign echoes memories of L’Échappée Belle (the great escape in French), the short feature film that unveiled AMI’s Spring-Summer 22 collection.

Shot in the semi-arid desert near Almeria, in southern Spain, the cinematographic images are inspired by the inimitable style of American indie movies. The mostly black-and-white photos feature the strong pieces of AMI’s Spring-Sumer 22 collection. Marking the first collaboration between AMI and Sam Rock, the campaign was entirely shot with an analog camera — the British photographer’s trademark — which confers the campaign its fascinating, nostalgic aura.

Ami Creative Director | Alexandre Mattiussi
Photographer | Sam Rock
Location | Almeria, in Southern Spain