Amiri Fall 2021 Ad Campaign


Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Amiri Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Mike Amiri

Amiri shares a new campaign film for Fall 2021. The film takes the form of a behind-the-scenes documentary of the collection’s runway presentation.

The documentary offers an intimate and detailed look at the making process behind the designer’s Fall 2021 show. While Amiri usually shows in Paris, this season marked the third time he was forced to create a recorded presentation from his home in Los Angeles. Considering the collection’s roots in vintage L.A. music culture, the restriction actually ended up making the show more personal and meaningful.

From initial styling sessions to the final moments of filming, the video offers a close look at each step of the production process. The camera never strays far from Amiri himself; we spend most of the film following closely in his footsteps as he makes final styling decisions and hear as he reflects on the unique emotional spectrum of the hometown show. While it’s nice to have the consistency of a single voice, it could have been a good opportunity to bring some of the other participants and creatives in as well, to gain a wider perspective.

Though the behind-the-scenes documentary format doesn’t always have quite the same narrative strength of a more typical fashion campaign, and its length may mean fans might not have the patience to connect with it, the film is a strong way to make the most of a uniquely challenging time for the production of fashion communications. The team does strong, thoughtful work to use the resources they do have access to create an unvarnished look at an expansive creative process.

It’s illuminating to see how much work goes into a production whose final product is so effortlessly cool.

Amiri Creative Director | Mike Amiri
Location | 4th Street Bridge, Los Angeles
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