Amiri Icon Ad Campaign 2022


'Icon' 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Amiri ‘Icon’ 2022 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Jonny Lu with Photographer Karim Sadli with Talent Angus Cloud

Angus Cloud stars in a new campaign for Amiri. The actor and Euphoria star is captured by photographer Karim Sadli, with the campaign also featuring creative direction from Jonny Lu and video direction by Cole Borgstadt.

Featuring a luxurious take on nostalgic, Americana style, Sadli’s portraits of the young star exude a classic sense of confidence, elegance, and artistry. Cloud poses in a range of crisp tailoring and luxurious faux fur outerwear, the styling matching his personality with details that combine a sense of street-style toughness and vintage sophistication.

The accompanying video lends motion to these portraits, further developing a sense of artfulness and personality while sharpening the focus on mood and details.

This campaign marks the inaugural “Icon” campaign from Amiri, meaning we can expect similar campaigns focusing on iconic contemporary stars in the future. Considering Cloud’s rise to stardom with a beloved role in the show of the moment, distinct personal style, and unique cultural presence, he is an excellent choice for the designer’s first icon, and the campaign matches this strength in casting with strong production and style.

Creative Director | Jonny Lu
Photographer | Karim Sadli
Talent | Angus Cloud
Stylist | Max Ortega
Hair & Makeup | John McKay
Director of photography | Frank Mobilio
Video Director | Cole Borgstadt

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression