Anteprima 'Fearless Heart' Fall 2022 Ad Campaign


'Fearless Heart' Fall 2022 Ad Campaign

Anteprima ‘Fearless Heart’ Fall 2022 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Izumi Ogino of with Photographer Eugenio Intini with models Isa Maja Gustafsson & Lisa Louis Fratani

Exploring the power of art and French chic as a conveyance of character and an expression of strength, the Fall 2022 Collection showcased the confidence of Antepirma Women with architectural allure.

“Power of art awaken me in many different directions; the sense of involving community, interaction of real people, sensation and excitement, most importantly to remind me to chase my dream.” – Izumi Ogino

Anteprima Creative Director | Izumi Ogino
Photographer | Eugenio Intini
Models | Isa Maja Gustafsson, Lisa Louis Fratani
Stylist | Sabrina Mellace
Hair | Yohei Kuroshima
Makeup | Greta Agazzi
Videographer | Jacopo Gennari
Asst Photographer | Luca Soncini