Spring 2024 Ad Campaign

Review of Avellano Spring 2024 Ad Campaign by Photographer & Director Jean-Charles Charavin with model Noah Cyrus

Avellano and Noah Cyrus set Los Angeles on fire with the brand’s new Spring 2024 campaign. The psychokinetically powered campaign was photographed and directed by Jean-Charles Charavin.

The excellent campaign film synthesizes classic Hollywood cinema, high fashion, and inspiration from the original X-Men movie trilogy. Noah Cyrus stalks down the middle of the street in a bougie and picturesque Hollywood neighborhood, a sci-fi soundtrack amplifying the dramatic mystique of her striking look and attitude. As she walks by each house, they burst into flames. Meanwhile, other characters unlock telepathic powers, levitating elegant silverware or smashing car windows with their mind. The film culminates as the trio of powerful entities meet atop a hill overlooking the city as night falls and fireworks light up the sky.

The accompanying still images tie obliquely into the film while offering a more direct – but still evocative and impactful – look at the collection’s star looks. The striking portraits again draw power from Cyrus’ distinct look and the way she embodies the power and sensuality of the brand’s latex coats.

With its primary motif being a use of innovative latex fabrics, Avellano has at its heart a provocative perspective, subverting expectations of luxury by bridging high fashion and fringe sexual subcultures. This campaign feels like a powerfully symbolic manifesto of that spirit. Defying norms and conventions, these powerful women transgress boundaries and radically alter their world through sheer force of will. It’s a great concept that, in the portraits and especially in the short film, is executed brilliantly.

Avellano Creative Director | Arthur Avellano
Photographer & Director | Jean-Charles Charavin
Models | Noah Cyrus, Sloan Waltz, and Vere Ronner
Hair | Kandi Hernandez and Laura Rugetti
Makeup | Jeannie Giannone
Manicurist | Michelle Tran
Location | Los Angeles, California

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression