'Multi-Phase' Part One 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Balenciaga ‘Multi-Phase’ Part One Spring 2022 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Demna Gvasalia with Photographer Stef Mitchell and Talent BFRND

Balenciaga has launched a new installment of the brand’s multi-phase collection, released over the following days. Photographer Stef Mitchell continues her work with the brand by capturing video portraits and still-life snapshots that feature friends of the brand with a selection of its products.

In this installment, the brand taps musician BFRND, who has been the composer behind every Balenciaga show since fall 2017. Mitchell’s work features BFRND in a short video set to Gymnopédie No.1; the mellow classical melody nicely contrast with the forward-thinking brand and even with BFRND’s modern tech style music.

Talent to follow include Kim Kardashian, buyer Kat Zhang, and models Tommy Blue and Marie-Agnès Diene featured in a selection of the label’s latest wares. Balenciaga keeps us on our toes as we await the following instalment of the campaing.

Balenciaga Creative Director | Demna Gvasalia
Photographer | Stef Mitchell
Talent | BFRND

Editorial Director | The Impression