Balenciaga Le City bag Launch

Balenciaga Revives Iconic Le City Bag with a Modern Twist

Classic Meets Contemporary: Balenciaga’s Le City Returns with a Sustainable Focus

Balenciaga has announced the return of its iconic Le City bag line, reintroduced with enhancements and now available in selected stores worldwide and through the brand’s website. Originally launched in 2001, Le City has left a lasting impression for its unique blend of maximalist design and practicality, symbolizing a distinct era and lifestyle. After over two decades, the line is reemerging as a modernized classic.

Balenciaga Le City bag Launch

To mark the occasion, Balenciaga collaborated with renowned fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti to create a portrait campaign featuring the revamped Le City. The campaign brings together notable figures such as British fashion icon Kate Moss, Danish model Mona Tougaard, Chinese actress and singer Yang Chaoyue, and Korean singer Juyeon, each depicted against a minimalist grey backdrop to underscore their individuality.

The relaunch involved a meticulous study and remodeling of numerous archival City styles, culminating in a faithful yet updated representation of the bag’s original charm. Notably, the bag retains its 25-panel hand-assembled construction, mirroring the vintage editions’ dimensions and design elements such as reinforced corners with small metal buckles and thimble-like studs. The Le City is distinguished by its capacity to develop a unique patina over time, enhancing its timeless appeal.

Significant attributes, including the leather-strung zipper pulls and rivets, have also influenced the design of another Balenciaga line, Le Cagole. However, Le City stands apart for its fidelity to the 2001 design, now with improvements in sustainable production practices.

The updated Le City is available in medium and small sizes, featuring adjustable shoulder and crossbody straps. It debuts in a range of colors including black, yellow, green, light purple, metallic steel grey, metallic silver, white, blue, and beige, offering a fresh yet nostalgic accessory option for contemporary consumers.