Balenciaga "Making Of" Winter 2024 Videos

Balenciaga Shares “Making Of” Winter 2024 Videos

The Behind-the-Scenes Footage Offers a Deeper Look at Demna’s Latest Collection

Following its Winter 2024 runway show, Balenciaga has shared a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the collection.

The set of videos offers a look at the craft behind two key design concepts from the collection. One is the silk dresses that appear to be swept by wind and frozen in time, thanks to a specially developed technique that manipulates the fabric when wet, then dries and crystallizes in place to mimic the effect of a frozen snapshot while still responding to the body and movements of the wearer. Meanwhile, another video offers a look at a technique that seems in a way antithetical to this precise and technical craft, but also has hidden similarities: the taped looks. These hybrid looks were attached to the body with packaging tape in a way that seems haphazard but is in fact quite intentional, playing with the idea of spontaneous dressing and subverting couture’s fitting practices.