Top 10 Breakout Fashion Ad Campaigns of 2023

The Best Breakout Fashion Ad Campaigns of 2023

While great product and a distinct design perspective are essential ingredients for a young brand’s growth towards success, ad campaigns can be even more important. The campaign is how you fill a static design element with life and direction, inviting potential customers to take the brand’s narrative in their own direction. The best breakout campaigns of 2023 saw young, independent, or emerging fashion brands continue to make waves through impactful visuals and original storytelling.

Coperni furthered its penchant for utilizing cutting-edge technology in unexpected ways with a campaign film that used AI to create an endlessly self-generated virtual world, while Altuzarra showed that often all that’s needed to elevate a lookbook into a campaign is a great location and a smart art director. The fantastical ingenuity of Daniel Del Core’s runway shows is matched only by his brand’s campaigns, and the aquatic wonderland of Spring 2023 was another strong example. Fear of God continued to leverage the runaway success of its Essentials line that coolly celebrated the values of community at the core of the brand.

Here are The Impression’s picks for the Top 10 Breakout campaigns of 2023 as selected by our Chief Impressionist Kenneth Richard.

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Altuzarra Creative Director | Joseph Altuzarra
Art Director | Florentin Tuillier
Photographer | Sonia Szostak
Videographer | Lukasz Dziedzic
Models | Alyda Grace and Chloe Oh
Stylist | Anita Szymczak
Photo Assistant | Szymon Gosławski
Location | Salar de Tara, Chile


Photographer | Drew Vickers
Models | Grace Elizabeth 
Stylist | Vanessa Reid 
Hair | Benjamin Muller
Makeup | Cecile Paravina
Casting Director | Ben Grimes 


Coperni Creative Director and Co-Founder | Sébastien Meyer
Coperni CEO and Co-Founder | Arnaud Vaillant 
Agency | Kate Moss Agency Ltd
Creative Consultants | Kevin Tekinel and Charles Levai 
Film Directors | Florent Canale and Alexandre Silberstein
Model | Lila Grace Moss
Stylist | Helena Tejedor
Production | 8849 (Everest Lab)
Music | Anomaly Spectre

Del Core

Del Core Creative Director | Daniel Del Core
Agency | Lane & Associates
Art Direction | David Lane
Photography | Charlotte Wales
Models | Alex Consani & Rachel Marx
Hair | Andrea Martinell
Makeup | Ana Takahashi
Casting | Midland Agency

Fear Of God

Fear Of God Creative Director | Jerry Lorenzo
Photographer / Videographer | Dexter Navy
Models | Clavish
Stylist | Yashua Simmons


GCDS Creative Director | Giuliano Calza
Photographer | Ellisse Studio
Models | Stella Lucia Deopito, Francesco Ruggiero, Victoria Stella Doritou, and Teddy Corsica
Stylist | Elena Mottola


Materiel Creative Director | Maia Gogiberidze
Models | Sopho Liparteliani, Nino Chichinadze, and Marisha Gvidani
Hair| Viktoria Gigiashvili
Makeup | Luchia Devejieva


Noah Creative Director | Brendon Babenzien
Art Director | Tyler Wray
Photographer | Samuel Bradley
Models | Hannah Han, Sally Bloom
Hair | Taichi Saito
Makeup | Shoko Sawatari
Set Designer | Caz Slattery

Wales Bonner

Wales Bonner Creative Director | Grace Wales Bonner
Photographer | Malick Bodian
Models | Akito Mizutani, Bangali Drammeh, Jonas Glöer, Liya Kebede
Stylist | Tom Guinness
Casting Director | Anita Bitton, Finlay Macaulay