Top 10 Fashion Ad Campaign Films of Spring 2021

The Best Fashion Ad Campaign Films of the Spring 2021 Season as chosen by Kenneth Richard

Tying our list of Top 10 fashion films together this season is a keen sensibility for the power of the medium of film in communicating the image and identity of a brand. Both visually and conceptually, these films do excellent work to create strong narratives that pull us deeper into the world behind a designer’s creative vision. 

Saint Laurent and Miu Miu both handed the creative reins over to talented independent filmmakers, and received excellent results. For Saint Laurent, Gaspar Noé created a psychedelic horror short film that was a masterpiece of style and tone. Isabel Sandoval matched visual excellence with a moving story of love and perseverance that turned a dark chapter of history into an opportunity for contemporary beauty.

Coperni, Jacquemus, and rag & bone all shared tremendously energetic campaigns that relied on talented cinematographers to open our eyes to new possibilities of angle and motion.

As always, Gucci created work that was an exquisitely crafted vision of Alessandro Michele’s alternate-world vintage. While the imagery does play into mythologized aspects of American culture like the hippie movement, Hollywood cinema, and California car culture, there is always a sense of fantasy to it that feels distinctly Gucci. Part of Michele’s genius is to liberate these elements of the past and fill them with his forward-thinking ideals of community, love, and freedom: this is history as we would have wanted it to be, which in turn makes us consider how to create a more beautiful present and future.

Here are The Impression’s Top 10 Fashion Ad Campaign Films of Spring 2021 as selected by Chief Impressionist Kenneth Richard.


Burberry Chief Creative Officer | Riccardo Tisci
Photographer | Juergen Teller
Models | He Cong, Tyler Forbes, Khali Ghani, Kayako Higuchi, Tashi Kwaiye, Reece Nelson, Yiorgos Paraskevas, Aylah Peterson, Claus Royo, Liv Walter, and Anok Yai
Stylist | Katy England
Makeup | Isamaya Ffrench
Hair | Gary Gill


Agency | Maybe
Creative Directors | Charles Levai and Kevin Tekinel
Director | WeAreFromLA
Models | Anania Orgeas, Braien Vaiksaar, Kennah Lau, Lola Nicon, Malika Louback, and Mika Schneider
Stylist | Helena Tejedor 
Hair | Paolo Soffiatti 
Makeup | Aurore Gibrien 
Casting Director | Samuel Ellis Scheinman
Music | Clara Deshayes
XR Studio | Pure View XR Studio
Creative Content | Blue Node Paris and Pierre-Guy di Costanzo
Production | Floriana Castagna for Iconocl \ St Image 
Photo Director | Potier Arnaud
Editing by | Miloš Bogojević
Set Design | Chloe Barriere


Gucci Creative Director | Alessandro Michele
Creative Director | Christopher Simmonds
Photographer/Director | Glen Luchford
Models | Sethu Ncise, Wonhee Lee, Dien Kim, Nathaniel Dam, Bonnie Panasenko, Cassidy Putnam, Nyla Edwards, & Joland Novaj
Hair | Paul Hanlon
Makeup | Thomas de Kluyver
Location | Los Angeles
Music | ‘Lovin’ You’ by Minnie Riperton Written by Minnie Riperton, Richard Rudolph 
Production | GE Projects


Film Director | Albert Moya
Art Direction | Kevin Tekinel and Charles Levai for Maybe
Talent | Ruben Moreira, Ylang, Rio and Chantal
Cinematographer | Maximilian Pittner
Set Design | Sati Leonne Faulks
Editor | Markus Soria
Sound Editor | Moritz Staub for Staub Audio
Hair | Karim Belghiran
Makeup | Aurore Gibrien 
Colorist | Tim Smith
Production | Anaïs Julia Ngbanzo and Emmanuelle Atlan for Farago Projects
Wavy Logo | Alvaro Posadas


Longchamp Creative Director | Sophie Delafontaine
Agency | Fred & Farid
Director | Lope Serrano
Production | Collectif Canada
Talent | Amber Anderson, Mathilde Ollivier, Pauline Hoarau, Estelle Chen & Bartholomew Boutellis
Location | Paris
Music | ‘Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille,’ by Jacques Dutronc, interpreted by Clara Luciani 

Miu Miu

Miu Miu Creative Director | Miuccia Prada
Director, Writer & Editor | Isabel Sandoval
Talent | Isabel Sandoval & Matthew Fifer 
Executive Producer | Max Brun
Producers | Tani Cohn, Robert K. Rock
Director of Photography | Michael Merriman
Location | Los Angeles

* Miu Miu Women’s Tales, launched in 2011, comprise a series of short films by women directors and artists. Aside from the stipulation that the films use Miu Miu clothing the all female directors are given carte blanche to create their films and they are not ads.

rag & bone

rag & bone Founder and Chief Brand Officer | Marcus Wainwright
Director | Austin Peters
Choreographers | Lil’ Buck and Ai Shimatsu
Dancers | Lil’ Buck and Ai Shimatsu
Location | NYC

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Creative Director | Anthony Vaccarello
Director | Gaspar Noe
Models | Anok Yai, Antonia Przedpelski, Assa Baradji, Aylah Mae Peterson, Charlotte Rampling, Clara Deshayes, Grace Hartzel, Kim Schell, Mica Arganaraz, Miriam Sanchez, Sora Choi, & Stefania Cristian
Music |« I Feel Love » by SebastiAn, Lyrics and music from Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder & Donna Summer © Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Rick’s Music Inc. & Sweet Summer Night Music
Production | Saint Laurent


Agency | Baron & Baron
Film Director | Fabien Baron
Director of Photography | Philippe Lesourd
Creative Director | Christophe Derigon
Executive Producer | Mina Viehl
Production | Seeker Productions, 138 Productions
Photographer | Craig McDean
Models | Parker Van Noord & Abby Champion
Stylist | Karl Templer
Hair | Guido Palau
Makeup | Diane Kendal
Set Designer | Stefan Beckman
Casting | Ashley Brokaw


Agency | Baron & Baron
Film Director | Fabien Baron
Chief Creative Officer | Fabien Baron
Creative Director | Christophe Derigon
Director of Photography | Philippe Lesourd
Executive Producer | Mina Viehl
Production | Seeker Productions, 138 Productions
Photographer | Steven Meisel
Models | Abby Champion, Mona Tougaard, & Achenrin Madit
Stylist | Karl Templer
Hair | Guido Palau
Makeup | Diane Kendal
Set Designer | Stefan Beckman
Casting | Ashley Brokaw