Top 100 Handbags

Of Spring 2021 RTW Fashion Shows

Handbags continue to dominate the leather goods arena and chart the global growth for many a luxury house so it should come as no surprise that they played such a pivotal role again this season.

Nicolas Ghesquière is certainly charting new waters for Louis Vuitton and raising the bar for the houses RTW, but handbags too pushed forward. Leveraging the industrial chain, Ghesquière brought substance via hardware and introduced powerful coloring especially in his acidic greens and metallics. Silvia Venturini Fendi added lace overlays to this seasons collection pairing structured handbags with fluid and feminine elements at Fendi. Donatella Versace colorized and plasticized her Versace accessories this season offering bold primary colors with glossy semi-circle studs.

Surprisingly there was no unified trend as design houses each went their own way this season offering each their own version of an ‘it’ bag, which in hindsight, is how it should be. Here are The Impression’s Top 100 Handbags of Spring 2021, and we how all of them turn into ‘it’ bags.

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

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