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Bidayat Set to Revive Iconic Fashion Brand Walter Albini

Bidayat, a company founded by Rachid Mohamed Rachid and a vehicle of Alsara Investment Group, has acquired the intellectual property and a significant part of the archives of Walter Albini, the renowned Italian fashion designer. Bidayat is collaborating with various museums, cultural institutions, curators, publishers, media partners, and luxury advisors to revive the iconic brand and create awareness and recognition about the legacy of Walter Albini and his transformative impact on the fashion industry.

Walter Albini, who gained fame between the mid ‘60s to early ‘80s, was recognized internationally as one of the biggest fashion designers emerging from Italy. Albini was widely credited for the inception of the ‘Made in Italy’ concept and as one of the pioneers of the ready-to-wear movement that established novel couture and tailoring practices. Although his name and brand were soon forgotten after an untimely death at the age of 42 in 1983, his unique creations and transformational impact on the fashion industry continue to inspire some of the world’s most sought-after designers and artistic talents today.

Bidayat’s acquisition includes the largest garment and accessories repository of the brand, which was previously owned and collected by Dr. Barbara Curti, whose mother, Marisa Curti, had been a long-term collector of Walter Albini since his early days as a designer. The archive includes fashion clothing pieces showcasing Walter Albini’s iconic prints, fabric accessories, costume jewelry, original drawings, and photographs among others. Dr. Barbara Curti will continue to act as an archive curator and advisor to Bidayat.

“We are honored to have unearthed this hidden jewel of Italian high fashion and are currently studying Walter Albini’s vast heritage to set the foundations for the future of the eponymous brand. Walter Albini deserves to claim its rightful place amongst the top luxury brands on the global stage. Our challenge will be finding the right caliber of leadership team to bring alive our vision and ambition,” said Bidayat Founder and Chairman Rachid Mohamad Rachid.

“I am delighted to join forces with Bidayat to continue to look after and build on Walter Albini’s powerful archive. I am looking forward to having many more generations be inspired by this incredibly talented designer, whose drive for perfection changed the entire Italian fashion ecosystem,” said Barbara Curti, Head Curator of the Walter Albini archive.

Photos | Alfa Castaldi
Photo of Walter Albini in white suit | Gian Paolo Barbieri