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Bimba y Lola’s Limited-Edition Ana Leovy Chihuahua Bag

The Chihuahua Bag: Bimba y Lola’s SS24 Accessory Must-Have

Bimba y Lola introduces the latest must-have accessory of the SS24 season: the Chihuahua bag. This iconic piece takes the classic silhouette and gives it a contemporary twist with a bucket design, crafted in leather and available in three sizes. Photographed by the visionary artist, Adrián González-Cohen, the Chihuahua bag captures the collective mania for this beloved breed. With the infectious energy of the 00’s kitsch hit ‘Chihuahua’ setting the scene, model Stella Lucia fully embraces the Chihuahua lifestyle, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors and fun, where everything not Chihuahua fades into the background, and every Chihuahua-themed item shines with vibrancy and spirit.

In Stella Lucia’s world, adorned with flower bouquets and colorful bags, the love for Chihuahuas knows no bounds – it’s a celebration of all things lively and spirited. With her dogs joining in on the Chihuahua craze, it’s clear: in the realm of Bimba y Lola’s SS24 collection, the Chihuahua reigns supreme, adding a playful and chic touch to every ensemble.