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Spring 2022 Fashion Trend

Bodycon Spring 2022 Fashion Trend

Bodycon is back with a bodacious vengeance. After a year apart and inside characterized by comfy, airy, lounge pieces, Spring 2022’s return to physical shows marked an appropriate return to highlighting and celebrating the physical presence of the female form. These are pieces ready to be worn out and to make an impact.

But body-conscious clothing isn’t just about aiming to please the eye; how one feels in a piece is just as important when it comes to design, and a major aspect of bodycon is about celebrating the body’s natural curves. While we still have a long way to go in terms of seeing true body diversity, designers are beginning to make important steps toward it.

Acne Studios combined bodycon with subtle kink-inspired elements for a series of subversive and liberating looks. Loewe pushed the idea of bodycon even further by adding translucent breastplates to its torso-hugging tops. Ludovic de Saint Sernin continued his strong foray into womenswear with stripped-back, sensually minimal bodycon pieces. Balmain took classic bodycon aesthetics in visionary, contemporary new directions with a glamorous show of blockbuster proportions.

Acne Studios
Ludovic De Saint Sernin
Ester Manas