Bottega Veneta

Spring 2020 Jewelry Project

A new jewelry campaign from Bottega Veneta explores the mysterious power of facial expression.

Lensed by Laura Coulson, the photographs feel minimalist but carry emotional weight. Lone model Paula Anguera has both a commanding and delicate presence, and her facial expressions seem to reveal an interesting introspection. She contorts her lips, closes her eyes, looks into the camera or away from it, and the viewer feels that for her these gestures are loaded with an emotional meaning – but we never find out exactly what it is.

The jewelry is deployed thoughtfully and with intention. No photograph contains more than two pieces, and some have none at all. It’s a smart decision that puts the pieces in conversation with Anguera’s emotional expression rather than simply highlighting them; they are a means of expressing oneself, rather than an abstract luxurious object or symbol of wealth.

The sensitivity and artfulness with which these images are created makes the project feel less like an advertising campaign and more like a recognition of beauty for beauty’s sake. The gorgeous colors and compositions of Coulson’s photographs are especially commendable. Bottega Veneta has unveiled a world of emotional depth while saying nothing.

Photographer | Laura Coulson
Producer | Sylvia Farago
Model | Paula Anguera
Stylist | Emilie Kareh
Hair | Simon Khan
Makeup | Janessa Paré

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression