Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Unveils “Bottega for Bottegas” 2023

The House’s Artisanal Partnership Enters its Third Year

Bottega Veneta has launched the 2023 edition of its Bottega for Bottegas initiative, which sees the house celebrate craft workshops around the world and use its platform to give them a boost just in time for the holiday season.

In its first iteration in 2021, the project featured bottegas (or workshops) from Italy. In its second, they were bottegas from around the world which pull inspiration from Italian culture. This year, while the curation has no geographical limit, the four selected bottegas are all experts of unique craft, each using their creativity and their inimitable skill sets to empower imagination and inspire togetherness.

The four selected bottegas are Liu Wenhui, Cheng Tsung Feng, Modiano, and Kitai Rhee.

Committed to mastering and preserving the intangible cultural heritage of Chinese woodwork, Liu Wenhui specializes in the research, design, and development of building blocks inspired by ancient Chinese architecture.

Taiwanese artist Cheng Tsung Feng studies traditional craft culture to learn the methods behind handmade objects of the past. He spends long periods of time researching areas of culture prone to being forgotten, preserving the techniques while creating artworks of various sizes and forms that are inspired by his learnings.

Founded in 1868 by Saul Modiano, Modiano is a historic Italian bottega specializing in the design and production of playing cards, tarot cards and other paper products. Its contribution to the craft has made Modiano a leading brand, both in Italy and abroad. An exclusive Bottega Veneta set comes in a limited edition leather envelope.

Bangpae Yeons are historic Korean kites made with bamboo sticks and a Korean hanji paper. Third-generation kite artisan Kitai Rhee’s studio is the only bottega in Korea preserving the nineteenth century’s artisanal craftsmanship of kitemaking. As president of the Kitai Rhee Kite Preservation Association, the master artisan also offers workshops on kite making, dedicating himself to nurturing the next generation’s successors.

From this December, the Bottega Veneta website, advertising, newsletters, and the window of its Milan flagship, will pay homage to these four bottegas in celebration of craft.