Down to Earth

Fall 2020 Trend

Is brown the new black? Considering that earth tones have taken over the runways this season, the answer seems to be a resounding ‘yes!’ From deep mahogany, rich dark chocolates, taupes, and medium clays, to mushroom tones, ochres, and umbers… it is possible that we are seeing a return to nature through this celebration of mineral colours, peats, and soils.

Made fresh with glinting sequins and shiny patent leather, or soft and light-absorbing with cable knits, matte suede drapery, and faux fur, these earth tones are being used to ground pale citrons, bright oranges, and bold reds. Earth tones can also stand on their own as vibrant auburns and burnt siennas, monochrome tans and camels, creamy beiges, and in some cases tinted with rosy fleshy undertones. Earthy colours continue to work well for subdued designs, and interestingly, many designers are combining natural brownish hues with more technical fabrications to create unexpected visual juxtapositions. Fertility and fecundity are the underlying themes here, and what could be more fertile than Mother Earth herself? Therefore get ready for fall by embracing the old idiom “down to earth” and letting your mud-coloured imagination run wild!

Salvatore Ferragamo