Burberry Debuts Knight Bar in NYC for Holiday Celebration

Burberry Unveils Knight Bar in New York for a Limited Time to Celebrate the Holiday Season

In a festive tribute to the holiday season, Burberry is set to make a grand entrance in New York City with the opening of the Knight Bar. This exclusive, temporary takeover of the Temple Bar in NoHo is slated to run for a captivating seven days in November. Adorned with a newly introduced red check pattern, the Knight Bar is poised to offer a quintessentially British experience in the heart of the city.

The menu at Knight Bar, curated by Norman’s – a celebrated North London café known for its authentic British cuisine – promises to be a highlight, featuring an array of classic British dishes.

Adjacent to the Knight Bar, Burberry will present a distinctive window installation in NoHo, inspired by the vibrant streets of London and decorated in the same new red check, adding a British flair to New York’s streetscape.

The Knight Bar is not just a celebration of the festive season but also a homage to Burberry’s rich heritage and contemporary vision. It marks the launch of the Winter 2023 Knight bag by Daniel Lee and pays tribute to the revamped Equestrian Knight Design, a symbol of Burberry’s legacy since 1901.

Burberry invites patrons to immerse themselves in this unique British experience at the Knight Bar, open from the 10th to the 16th of November.