Lunar New Year 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Burberry Lunar New Year 2022 Ad Campaign by Photographer Feng Li with models Liu Bingbing, Liu Chunjie, Wang Xiangguo, and Yang Ling

Burberry takes the opportunity of Lunar New Year to share a fierce and focused capsule with an accompanying campaign by photographer Feng Li.

This year’s zodiac mascot represents an especially exciting opportunity for the world of fashion. The tiger is probably the zodiac animal closest to the heart of fashion – tiger print is, of course, about as bold as it gets, while its restrained power and feline poise has inspired many a star of the catwalk.

Creative director Riccardo Tisci does great work to incorporate this aesthetic legacy of power and boldness into Burberry’s traditionally more refined and conservative design heritage. Straightup tiger print is reserved for focused details and handbags that make a powerful statement, while the brand’s signature monogram is reimagined in black and orange. A repeating motif of scarf-clad tigers is printed on silks and woven directly into knitwear.

Working in simple studio photography, Feng’s striking portraits keep things minimal to allow the slick silhouettes and rhythmic prints of the collection roar on their own.

The presence of Lunar New Year campaigns has been expanding through the past several years, with almost every major label sharing capsules and campaigns to celebrate the occasion. No doubt this is primarily due to the ever-increasing returns of the Chinese luxury market. The all-Chinese cast and creative team is a sure sign that this campaign has this market in mind, but it’s also a thoughtful move that shows Burberry is working to be inclusive and celebratory without being appropriative.

It’s great to see this consideration go into both the design of the capsule and the conceiving and casting of its campaign. Many brands throw together a quick animal-themed campaign for Lunar New Year, but this one is unmistakably Burberry, and unmistakably stylish.

Burberry Creative Director | Riccardo Tisci
Photographer | Feng Li
Models | Liu Bingbing, Liu Chunjie, Wang Xiangguo, and Yang Ling