Burberry Opens a New Store in Paris

Burberry Opens New Store in Paris

Burberry has inaugurated a new store on Avenue Montaigne, situated in one of Paris’s most iconic shopping districts. The store showcases pieces from Burberry’s Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 collections, catering to both men and women. Included in the assortment are accessories such as the Knight bag and Rocking Horse bag.

The store spans two floors and features windows inspired by Burberry’s Equestrian Knight Design , creatively incorporating elements like the horse and shield. Inside, customers will find fixtures crafted with attention to detail, including handmade furnishings inspired by 1960s British abstract art and the creative salvage movement of the 1980s. The concrete floor boasts a mosaic pattern crafted from Verde Alpi marble, depicting Burberry’s EKD emblem.

Among the notable pieces are the Knight bag, introduced as part of the Winter 2023 collection, made from materials like natural grain calf leather, suede, or shearling. The clip hardware on the bag is inspired by Burberry’s Equestrian Knight Design. The Rocking Horse bag, shaped like the children’s toy, features a ‘b’ closure and a leather strap.

The new Burberry store is located at 17-19 Avenue Montaigne.